Vicious Bastard

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Vicious Bastard

One knob. Two switches. Three good.

VICIOUS BASTARD is a loud, angry one-knob fuzz. There's a good amount of bass but it's still punchy with lots of lower mids, and a slight higher mid scoop. The treble is still intact so it's friendly to lead guitar as well. Vicious Bastard is based on the classic D*A*M* Meathead circuit and is hard clipped in two stages: first by Schottky diodes; then with blue LEDs after a final dirty boost stage for a uniquely raunchy quality to the note decay.

Also unique to the Vicious Bastard is the momentary gate foot switch which, when held, engages a heavy and trashy gate. Use this to trash up your tone, or as a momentary killswitch for all that feedback.

Unity volume is around noon. If you are using a tube amp, or an amp that can be pushed into overdriven territory, it can create some wonderfully blown out sounds. An excellent selection for doomy guitar or for punchier (but still full) bass fuzz. Also features top-mounted Lumberg audio jacks and accepts a 2.1 mm center negative 9VDC power supply. Bludgeon your amp with VICIOUS BASTARD!


Knob: Controls output volume
Right Switch: Effect on/off
Left Switch: Gate (momentary - engaged when held down)