Rage Monster

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Rage Monster

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RAGE MONSTER is a dual-stage germanium treble booster/overdrive with a little added flexibility. Between the two stages is a variable low-pass filter that ranges from a flat treble response to a well-rounded frequency response with added low end into the second stage of the circuit. Not only does this act as something of a tone control, but the added low end will also saturate the second stage, resulting in even more breakup and grit. A three-position toggle controls output capacitance -- in the middle position, the output is bright and treble-laden through a 4n7 output capacitor. In the left position, a 10nF cap is brought into parallel with the 4n7 cap to add a slight low end hump to the output, and the right position will bring a 100nF cap into parallel for a satisfyingly full bass response at the output. An internal trimpot controls gain, and is set at the midpoint for a consistent edge-of-breakup response. Turning it counter-clockwise with a phillips head screwdriver will reduce the gain for a clean spank, and turning it all the way clockwise will increase the gain for a full-on overdrive that is very responsive to input dynamics and instrument volume rolloffs. A great treble booster of yore to push your favorite fuzz or amp over the edge, or always-on transparent overdrive to give your signal that deliciously articulate germanium grit. Also featuring an on-board voltage inverter, allowing for use of a standard Boss-style 9v (center negative) power supply.

LOUD: Controls output volume.
BODY: Controls the variable low-pass filter between the two stages of the circuit. Turn counter-clockwise for a flat response, and turn clockwise to increase the amount of low end in the signal to help push the second stage further into saturation.
TOGGLE: Three-way output capacitance selector. The middle position makes for very treble-laden output. The left position introduces a slight amount of low end, and the right position introduces even more low end at the output, giving it a wide range of frequency response options.
GAIN: Internal trimmer; controls the level of grit from the germanium transistors. Counter-clockwise cuts gain and clockwise increases gain. It is set stock at the midpoint for an edge-of-breakup response.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: DC 9 volts center negative; 37 mA current draw