Golden Guillotine

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Golden Guillotine

The Golden Guillotine is a MASSIVE dual op-amp based distortion slammed with a pre-distortion boost, which brings out a wide range of gain and texture, and and added layer of intensity to your signal. It's high gain and hazy, but remains articulate, and has a surprising amount of tonal range that makes it equally suitable for bass as well as guitar. Features a three-way clipping toggle, top-mounted Lumberg jacks, click free Iridescent relay switching, and accepts a standard Boss-style 2.1mm 9v power supply (center negative). Please note that, as all units are hand-painted, weathered, and stamped, there may be some variation between individual pedals not captured in the pictures available here.


Level: Controls output volume
Cut: Tone control; cuts treble frequencies
Pre: Controls the amount of pre-distortion boost
Post: Controls the level of distortion
Smooth: Internal trimmer; controls overall texture of the effect. Turn counter-clockwise to make it sound more grumbly, and clockwise to make it sound more... smooth. Mid-point is the stock setting.

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