Malaise Forever is a one-person endeavor, operating out of a spare bedroom in Columbus, Ohio. All pedals, unless otherwise noted, are original circuit designs and are completely painted, soldered, and assembled by hand, by yours truly.

All circuits are populated and assembled in-house using a combination of through-hole and surface-mount components of the highest quality available. All transistors are hand-measured and selected to be within specifications for each individual circuit. With the exception of some NOS (new old-stock) transistors and diodes within certain offerings, all components are current stock audio-grade components of the highest tolerance ratings available. This ensures a consistency of performance and audio quality in every pedal offered. Unless specified otherwise on the product page, all pedals utilize relay-based Incandenza bypass switching developed by Steve Demedash of Demedash Effects.

Malaise Forever may not be reinventing the wheel, but all offerings are truly labors of love and the aim is to deliver collector-grade pedals of touring-grade construction at player-friendly prices.

Thank you.